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We are glad to provide to your attention new digital currency of CODE47 token in which together merged the blockchain technology penetrating every day deeper and deeper to all spheres of our life and a series of computer games HITMAN which won hearts of hundreds of millions of fans. The purpose of combining is a gain of promotion of cryptocurrencies and games of the Hitman series. This token will be integrated into service for sale of steam-codes for a game and that will even more simplify purchase and will make a purchase safer. With rise of interest in a token, service for sale of souvenirs and clothes with game Hitman symbolics is planned. It will be a tremendous adventure in which we offer to go together with us!

Our first step will be creation of an online store where the products dedicated to series of computer games HITMAN will be presented. The main emphasis will be on selling steam codes for games. Second step will be to connect module for selling steam codes of various games and programs, thus we will expand the range. One of members of our team has deep knowledge in field of product promotion in the gaming industry. Her experience will help us make our store unique and competitive. For payment, we will use the CODE47 token (C47).

Initially, we conceived project as a coin for fans — HITMAN coin and even did a topic on bitcointalk forum. But firstly we did not successfully pick name, it violated copyright of IO Interactive and in second the coin for the fans could not have the large community necessary to maintain a workable network.

We have changed the concept of project and we hope that project will become popular in the game industry as well as among community of crypto-currencies. Now we have chosen the Ethereum platform for initial emission. The Ethereum network operates stably and does not require resources from our side to maintain it.

We refused need for ICO because we do not want to turn our token into a speculative product. At the initial stage, the project does not need so much. In the distribution of the token, we reserve 7000 CODE47 (C47), which we believe to be fair. First of all, we do not want to make money on project, but we want to create our own project, which will unite the game industry and the crypto community.

The distinctive feature of the CODE47 (C47) token will be the fact of applying Quantitative easing (QE) to minimize currency rate volatility. In the following, we will describe in more detail the principle of QE on the token CODE47 (C47).


Token name — CODE47
Token abbreviation — CODE47
Token type — ethereum erc20
Initial supply — 47000
Premine — 100 %
Bounty — 40000
Team CODE47 — 7000